Saruni Mara - Masai Mara, Kenya

2017 #WILS Shortlisted Entries

Our 4th annual 2017 #WhyILoveSaruni photo & video competition on Facebook & Instagram is NOW OFFICIALLY CLOSED! Competition ended 1st January 2018.

We have had some stunning, creative and truly original entries - well over a 100 - and we selected our favourite shortlisted finalists each month, below for your viewing pleasure. But it was hard. Each one entered was a perfect capture of '#WhyILoveSaruni' - or at least - why you do!

Judging has started - good luck to all the winning monthly entries that stand a chance to win BIG with Saruni! Winner to be announced in February - watch this space.

  • wes-orshoski-leopards-mara-instagram-dec17

Majestic Cats of the Mara
Wes Orshoski (Instagram)

  • Heather Sutherland Instagram Samburu Dec17

'Kalama Walk' - December finalist
Heather Sutherland (Instagram)

  • Christopher Bramhall Ugali at Waterhole Instagram Dec17

'Waterhole Ugali' - December finalist Christoper Bramhall (Instagram)

  • Christopher Bramhall Ugali close up Instagram Dec17

'Ugali Up Close' - December finalist
Christoper Bramhall (Instagram)

  • Sheila Meade Ballooning in the Mara and Gnu Facebook Nov17

'Heart of the Adventure' - November finalist
Sheila Meade (Facebook)

  • Kelly Berry Spot the Difference Eland Instagram Nov17

'Spot the Difference' - November finalist
Kelly Berry (Instagram)

  • Ali Harvey Wild Dog Kill Instagram Nov 17

'A Dog with a Bone' - November finalist
Ali Harvey (Instagram)

  • Alex Shalamov Lioness and Cub Instagram Nov17

'A Mother's Love' - November finalist
Alex Shalamov (Instagram)

  • Kelly Berry Wild Tree  Instagram Oct 17

'The Magic Tree' - October finalist
Kelly Berry (Instagram)

  • Rozanna Bozabalian Saruni Rhino suitcases Instagram Oct17

'Safari Njema' - October finalist
Rozanna Bozabalian (Instagram)

  • Jeffrey Hartog Facebook Saruni Wild view from tent Oct17

'On my doorstep' - October finalist
Jeffrey Hartog (Facebook)

  • Ali Harvey Cheetah Hunting Impala Instagram Oct17 v2

'Thrill of the Hunt' - October finalist
Ali Harvey (Instagram)

  • Christel Gellidon Samburu Honeymoon Rock Instagram Sept17

'Dreams do come true' - September finalist
Christel Gellidon (Instagram)

  • Christel Gellidon Mara Landscape 2 Instagram Sept17

'Tricolore Mara' - September finalist
Christel Gellidon (Instagram)

  • Rebecca Roth Starry Starry Rhino Nights Instagram Sept 17

'Starry Rhino nights' - September finalist
Rebecca Roth (Instagram)

  • Christel Gellidon Samburu bath Instagram Sept17

'Bath with a View' - September finalist
Christel Gellidon (Instagram)

  • Rebecca Roth Rhino Tracking Instagram Sept17

'Rhino Tracking' - September finalist
Rebecca Roth (Instagram)

  • Alex Shalamov Instagram Mara Landscape Aug 17 2

'Mara Great Migration'
August finalist, Alex Shalamov (Instagram)

  • Samburu love cropped

'I Heart Samburu' - September finalist
Rebecca Larsson (Instagram)

  • Billy Hare Facebook Lion in grass Aug 17

'Lion in the Grass'
August finalist, Billy Hare (Facebook)

  • Maritha Flakstad Kleppe Facebook Mara landscape Aug 17

'Mara Storm' - August finalist
Maritha Flakstad Kleppe (Facebook)

  • Heather Sutherland Instagram Oryx in Bush Aug

'Camouflaged Oryx' - August finalist
Heather Sutherland (Instagram)

  • Rozanna Bozabalian Loijupu Instagram Aug 17 4

'Loijupu and his Keeper' - August finalist
Rozanna Bozabalian (Instagram)

  • mia-shalamova-instagram-ss-interior-exterior-july

'Life in Camp'
July finalist, Mia Shalamova (Instagram)

  • karim-karmali-facebook-2-headed-giraffe-july

'The Two-Headed Giraffe'
July finalist, Karim Karmali (Facebook)

  • heather-sutherland-instagram-ellies-at-waterhole-july

'Kalama Ellies at the Waterhole'
July finalist, Heather Sutherland (Instagram)

  • cleo-vauban-instagram-samburu-river-picnic-july

'Along the Ewaso Nyiro'
July finalist, Cleo Vauban (Instagram)

Certificate of Excellence ATTA Pack for a Purpose Mara North Conservancy Masai Mara Conservancies